Lets Try Containment Again

By: Foss TigheApril 27, 2020 Biden would jump to the left,And Trump thinks he is right.With No hands on your lipsStrap your mask on tight.But its the nasal swabThat really drives you insane.Lets try Containment again!Lets try Containment again!Sung to the tune of “Lets do the time warp again” In Epidemiological terms, containment is theContinue reading “Lets Try Containment Again”

What does the other side of the curve look like?

In last few months a whole new set of terms have entered everyday use. There is the pandemic curve, social distancing, the need to flatten the curve, inflection points, an apex, surges, surge capacity and herd immunity. The curve was perhaps most simply expressed by Dr. Anthony Fauci early on in this crisis when heContinue reading “What does the other side of the curve look like?”

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