Finally Some Epidemiological Science

New York State’s recent study regarding statewide infection rates provided more epidemiological science than all of the Federal government’s contribution since the start of the pandemic. On April 23rd Governor Cuomo announced preliminary results of an antibody study designed to estimate the true number of people who have been infected with the coronavirus in NewContinue reading “Finally Some Epidemiological Science”

What does Containment Look Like? This is what Containment Looks like!

There is a place where the bars and restaurants are still open. Their news shows do not focus on the impending evil thing called “the surge”. They don’t watch ghoulish images of their fellow citizens in body bags over flowing their storage facilities. There is a place where the government is not digging mass graves.Continue reading “What does Containment Look Like? This is what Containment Looks like!”

Massachusetts Numbers – Fewer Deaths on Sundays

A quick glance at the Massachusetts daily coronavirus deaths might lead you to think that church services are somehow protective against coronavirus. For the last three Sundays in Massachusetts the daily death count has been substantially lower than the surrounding days. Data collection is a tricky thing, and to stick with the religious theme, oftenContinue reading “Massachusetts Numbers – Fewer Deaths on Sundays”

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